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29 May 2015

Interactive Events/ Shows

I Love Latvia the Most Because…” in Rezekne, Jekabpils and Livani

 The implementation of the Association’s “Balta maja” project “Experience and Knowledge for the Integration of Minorities into the Latvian Society” (Project’s contract identification number:2013.EEZ/PP/2/MAC/035/050) actively continues. The project is supported by the European Economic area financial mechanism 2009- 2014 period program’s “NGO fond” sub-programme “NGO project program”. For the participants of the project this is the final month of training, which will end with test in the Latvian language and integration course. However, alongside training there were also three interactive events/shows in May.

In nature May is the most flowering and intense month. Likewise within the framework of association’s “Balta Maja” implemented project there was carried out a restless work. Thus, there were held three successful and creative interactive events/shows “I Love Latvia the Most because…” in Rezekne, Jekabpils and Livani that brought satisfaction to the participants and organizers.

On 7th May the event/show “I Love Latvia the Most because…” was held in the Culture House ofRezekne National Societies, on 16th May in Jekabpils Culture house and the association’s “Balta Maja” event in Livani took place on 22nd May in Livani Culture centre. All three events just like it was in Daugavpils were led by the musician and expert in cultural life Anita Gavare who also took care of the good mood of the participants. The scenario of the event was createdalternating betweendifferent tasks, which were done by the five brave people. Between the shows the viewers weredelighted by localamateur groups. All the time during the event the activists expressed their opinion and took part in the contests that were organized for the viewers. In order to show their attitude and appreciation they used the project’s publicity materials – paper flags with the logo and the slogan “We are Latvia”.

There were prepared various tasks for the participants of Rezekne CitySociety Theatre-StudioJoriks”, the representatives of Ukrainian cultural education associationJavir” in Jekabpils and Slavic Society “Uzoriin Livani that seemed fascinating tocontestantsandspectators.Firstly,the participantssuccessfullyandenthusiastically carried out the task Business Card”. These werepresentations during which the participantstalked aboutthemselves as the part ofLatvia, about their hobbies, family, lifestyle andwhat bringsjoyin their livesandthe desireto improve their knowledgeand personality.

The subsequent tasks were also interesting and the participants had to demonstrate their knowledge about Latvia, language and be creative. In the second task the knowledgeable participants found answers to erudition questions about the nature, culture, politics and history of Latvia. One of the most creative tasks carried out by the participants was “Who am I?” during which the participants raffled symbols that characterize Latvia (plants, animals or a personality). Then they had to guess the hidden word by asking questions. The participants pointedly asked the questions, trusted their own intuition and surprisingly quickly guessed the unknown words. They also had to write Latvian cities and compete in speed, which tested their agility. The participants demonstrated their Latvian geography knowledge and excellent memory.

The aim of another task was to find out the knowledge and luck of the participants in naming Latvian celebration and commemoration dates. The task was made in the form of an unusual puzzle. The final task for the contestants was “Latvia, the way I see it” –it was a chance to get into the skin of artists.The participants used floristic materials to demonstrate their revelation of what they see, experience and wish for Latvia in a work of art. The works were outstandingly beautiful so were each participant’s stories about their work, which were a moving testimony of how love for one’s country can be alive and developed also in minorities. The tasks were evaluated, the jury worked productively, and each participant in the course of the show received one of five nominations- – “the most knowledgeable participant”, “The most jovial participant”, “The bravest participant”, “The most creative participant” and “The wittiest participant”. The main winners of each competition were singled out – Jekaterina Garfunkele from Rezekne, Jeļena Jekaraševa from Jekabpils and Jeļena Ivanova from Livani. The participants were the leaders in terms of the collected points. The organizers would like to thank all participants who were endowed with courage and congratulate on a nice victory on the way to the acquisition of the Latvian language and the country’s rich culture.We also express sincere gratitude to the project volunteers, activists, viewers, who tirelessly helped during the event, encouraged and cheered the participants.

The event/ show “I Love Latvia the Most because …” marathon is fruitfully implemented and completed, but the activities and the way to new highs has just begun! The association “Balta Maja” wishes you good luck in the final tests, daring to realize your goals and big dreams!



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