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28th April 2015


Creative and Informative Activities in April

The project’s “Support for Association’s “Balta maja” Work in Strengthening Participatory Democracy in Latgale Region” (project’s contract No.: 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/152) implementation continues. The project was undertaken in July 2013 and will continue till the end of the year 2015.The project’s implementation provides regular support to the association and strengthens the knowledge of its staff.  The project is supported by the European Economic area financial mechanism 2009- 2014 period program’s “NGO fond” sub-programme “Programme of Support for the Activities of Non-governmental Organisations”.


April has been a bustling month. It has passed quickly. This month has been colourful and creative. It has also given new knowledge and information. One activity has followed another; different thematic events have taken place. Perhaps the most striking events have been the ones of Easter. This year there were even three events and Easter charity campaign. The meeting with the radio journalist Aidis Tomsons has been highly evaluated. In addition, the clubs “Atrodi prieku sevi!” and “Celotaju klubs” meetings have been very interesting.

This year Easter was celebrated colourfully. On 7th April there was a celebration with creative engagement in the kitchen – pizza baking festive, musical and nature activities which was opened by the young people of day care centre together with their parents. The event was really sincere, and every participant was satisfied. In turn, on 8th April the association’s activists, friends and visitors attended Easter celebration. There was a joint celebration of spring where Jersika theatre showed a pleasant performance. Participants were able to actively participate in the creative flower-making workshop; activists had prepared lyrical performances, games and a celebration according to Easter traditions.

            9th April- this year it was a special day of charity and giving fun. The association’s seniors attended Livani district Registry office in order to give the handmade socks and booties, which were made during Easter charity campaign, to the manager Velga Švirkste.

When registering a child’s birth, the new parents are given the opportunity to choose from the colourful pairs of booties for their baby. This campaign is supported within the association’s “Balta maja” introduced project “Social assistance(support fund “” in cooperation with Joint Stock Company Latvijas Mezi(Latvia’s State Forests)). Hardworking knitters and the association’s “Balta maja” staff are grateful to “Livani kudras fabrika”, Ltd., to Pēteris Romanovskis personally for giving additional funding to buy the yarn.

Later in this day the association’s activists went to ““Livani Hospital”, Ltd. to delight the hospital’s clients with spring performances, self made gifts and Easter theatre performance prepared by primary school children.

On 10th April there was held an educational event “Spring in Latvian Forests” for children that was organised by day care centre. The young people of day care centre had prepared a musically lyrical and educational show about the forest in spring. Moreover, there were different activities and tasks; everyone had the possibility to look at the exhibition depicting the wonderful images of forest and environment in the mosaic technique.

The association’s people who do handicraft from March till the middle of April gave its visitors an opportunity to see the exhibition of creative works “Savam rokam radam pasi” (“We create with our own hands”). The interested people could get inspiration from the numerous works that were displayed- socks with folk patterns, fine art cross stitch pictures, scarves, woven rag rugs, shoulder scarves, pictures of blooming paper flowers, different knittings and crochets.

On 10th April at the end of the day in the association there was also organised an evening of esoteric gaming which was led by the representative of unconventional medicine Viktorija Mihailova. The idea of the event was a practical self-examination in thoughts and actions.

On 21st April the regular meeting of the participants of “Celotaju klubs” took place. This time travellers could enjoy the active traveller’s Č. Mazulis prepared documentary material on Romania, Transylvania.

On 23rd April many interested people gathered in the season’s final meeting of the club “Atrodi prieku sevi!” led by Victoria Mihailova. The participants continued to explore the secrets of health, buoyancy and truth.

On 24th April there was held an informative event where radio journalist Aidis Tomsons shared his thoughts on the Latvian media and talked about his work in Latvia radio.The journalist showed the media development trends both in Latvia and in the world.

The participants were able to reflect on their habits of using the media as well as their development over the past twenty years. They could verify that the changing trends in the Latvian media are quite similar to those happening around the world. Taking into account the age and habits of the media users as well as the possibility of making profitfrom advertisersmost media do not think so much about the possibilities of transmitting information to the remote parts of the country.The journalist emphasized that only an independent public and state budget secured medium can fully realize the provision of information which objectively reflects the information and promotes the development of democracy in the country. The speech was followed by an interesting conversation. The participants asked questions about the work in the radio, especially about his work in the broadcast “Krustpunkta”. During the meeting public participation opportunities were analyzed and evaluated on the basis of long-term experience.

            Spring mood and bustle in the association “Balta maja” continues. Informative events and various activities are planned also in the month of May. Let us all have enough strength to do gardening and meaningfully spend time with others!




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