Association “Balta maja”

April 29th 2015

This month’s event of the project – interactive event/show

“I Love Latvia the Most Because…” in Daugavpils

The implementation of the Association’s “Balta maja” project “Experience and Knowledge for the Integration of Minorities into the Latvian Society” (Project’s contract identification number:2013.EEZ/PP/2/MAC/035/050) actively continues. The project is supported by the European Economic area financial mechanism 2009- 2014 period program’s “NGO fond” sub-programme “NGO project program”.

            In April the Latvian language training and integration courses continued in Livani, Rezekne,Daugavpils and Jekabpils.  Training is supplemented by group work, individual tasks, played games, glued collages. During the integration course the participants enrich their knowledge in Latvian history, geography and Latvian folk traditions.


            However, the main event of this month took place on April 28th in The House of Unity in Daugavpils Latvian Culture Centre. There was an interactive event / show “I LOVE LATVIA the MOST BECAUSE…” This was the first of four planned events of the project. Anita Gavare, the charming soul of Latgale culture life, led the event and took care of a nice atmosphere. The participants of the event did not feel bored not for a single moment, as there were tasks that required active involvement. The spectators also enjoyed the given opportunity to make their own assessment and show their attitude with the red-and-white flags with the project’s logo and the words “WE ARE LATVIA”. The waving of the colourful flags could be seen after the performance of local artists, amateur collective sand after the completion of the exciting tasks.

The event was introduced by the children’s poems about Latvia’s soul and nature which created a lyrical and Latvian atmosphere. Between the tasks that were given to the participants there were performances of the local amateur collectives. Daugavpils children’s choir performed a sonorous song. Just like the recently came spring, the chorus “Jaunibas ilgas” musically impressed the audience. The studio “Perlites” had prepared a wonderful performance while the dance ensemble of the newest and the oldest group “Pienupite” and senior dance group “Atbalss” delighted the audience with the glamour of dance steps. They also involved the spectators and many active listeners in singing and dancing in the accompaniment of famous melodies. Delight and joy to others also gave the performance of the project participants- Belarusian cultural and educational society “Uzdim” (Daugavpils) vocal ensemble “Lastauki”.

Nevertheless, the musical performances were just beautiful leisure moments for five brave and knowledgeable event/ show participants – Leonīds Moroz, Natālija Moroz, Marina Hramcova, Marina Stefanoviča and Staņislavs Volodzjodko. For these people the hours spent at the event were a tense, explorative and creative work. Thus, they had to do a number of tasks which confirmed the acquired knowledge of Latvia, our country’s culture, geography and history. In addition, the participants could demonstrate their Latvian language skills that were obtained during the project. The first task, which the participants had carefully prepared at home, was verbal visiting cards. It was a presentation of them selves as a part of Latvia. In continuation, there were many tasks. The participants successfully found answers to erudition questions, which was not easy at all. There was also a task of agility and knowledge where the participants had to write down the names of Latvia’s cities as quickly as they could. They also made a portrait of a typical Latvian by mentioning and remembering the most characteristic qualities of their compatriots. The named qualities were portrayed visually. The organizers of the event also checked the knowledge and luck of the participants in remembering the dates of public holidays in Latvia. The final task was called “Latvia the way I see it”. The participants had to use floristic materials and ingenuity to create a visual work of art reflecting how they feel and see Latvia in their lives.  The works were truly beautiful and Latvian. The way in which the participants talked about their created works was an undeniable proof that Latvia already lives in their hearts, thoughts and sonorous tongues. The tasks were evaluated and the jury worked ceaselessly all the time. During the show every participant got one of the five nominations. Finally, the winner was awarded. This time Natālija Moroz had collected the most points. The project volunteers who actively helped the entire activity period also deserve our gratitude.


The project continues, and so does the training. Very soon the next three interactive events/ shows “I love Latvia the most because…” will take place in Rezekne on 7th May, in Jekabpils on 16th May and in Livani on 22nd May. We invite you to these events!


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The program is funded by the EEZ Grants and Latvian State

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway



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