The Social Support Centre

The association is promoting development of social services in collaboration with Livani District Council.

There are:

1.Day care centre for mentally retarded people.

The main tasks of the centre are to develop, to rehabilitate and take care of people with mental disabilities.

The Centre offers to its students to acquire: the development of the speech; the skills in mathematics; the curative physical education; practical skills; social skills; health education; art; environmental education; floristic; handicraft; computer skills. The attendants of the centre studies, obtain skills that help them in everyday life, they play the theatre, dance, go on excursions, go hiking, go on visits and welcome visitors.

2.Home care service.

From August 2004 the Association provides home care service for elderly and disabled people. Livani District Council is financing this service. 
The home care service is provided by 13 home cares of Livani distric.

3. Association provides services of children play and developing centre

  • Different games and plays;
  • Sport activities in and out-doors;
  • Activities with parents;
  • Painging and drawing;
  • The club of young parents;
  • Support groups of parents;
  • Lectures;
  • Special events organized with and for children and they parents;
  • Mammy School;
  • Volunteers help