The Community Centre

The establishment of the Community Centre was started in 1996 and the basis of it was the experience of similar centres in the Netherlands.

The aims of the activities:

  • The activation of the society;
  • The useful organization of free time and relaxation;
  • The promotion of mutual help;
  • The popularisation of volunteer work.

The Centre offers:

  • The education and training for people of all ages;
  • Interest groups;
  • The possibility of spending free time.

Main target groups:

  • Seniors and people in pre-retiring age;
  • Handicapped people;
  • Families;
  • Children and young people;
  • National minorities;
  • Women

Beside everyday activities, we offer different exhibitions, consultations, information about services in education, social care and rehabilitation, we attend different culture and sport activities together, and we organize charity campaigns, different meetings. Other NGOs also organize their activities in the premises of the association (e.g. Livani Seniors Association).

Beside creative activities association is coordinating the Society`s Copartnership programs ( network of elderly people and community centres in Latgale region ).

The work of the Community centre is based on support and involvement of volunteers. About the volunteers:

  • At present there are working 70 volunteers in the Association;
  • 40 of them work regularly;
  • 30 of them involve if needed in organizing campaigns and different activities;
  • The total amount of volunteers working hours in a month is 400 hours;
  • The works that the volunteers perform: 
    • to run the clubs and interest groups, 
    • to organize activities of training, culture, sport and social help,
    • to work as leaders of support groups to do typing, printing, copying and preparing the materials,
    • to help to summarize the information and put it in the order,
    • to distribute commercial information,
    • to help to prepare different activities,
    • to take part in the campaigns,
    • to help in the execution of economic works.

The volunteers of the Association are:

  • Working people;
  • Housewives;
  • Retired people;
  • Pupils;
  • Students.

Once in two months The Club of volunteers takes place, where people can speak about things that are done, about new intentions and its realization.