Association „Balta maja”
29 June

The Association’s “Balta maja” Creative Works of the Summer Solstice in June

The project’s “Support for Association’s “Balta maja” Work in Strengthening Participatory Democracy in Latgale Region” (project’s contract No.: 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/152) implementation continues. The project was undertaken in 2013 and will continue till the end of the year 2015. The project’s implementation provides regular support to the association and strengthens the knowledge of its staff. The project is supported by the European Economic area financial mechanism 2009- 2014 period program’s “NGO fond” sub-programme “Programme of Support for the Activities of Non-governmental Organisations”.

June and the summer solstice with the longest days and the shortest nights urged the association activists to get closer to nature, to weave wreaths, gather herb teas, gain strength from the sun and the inspiration for the whole year. Indeed, June delighted us with the vivid greenery, flowering and the strongest energy. During June in the association there were sporting activities for seniors and the younger generation of gymnasts together with Viktorija Mihailova. The adolescents of the day care centre were also very active this month.

The association’s “Balta maja” Day Care Centre ceaselessly continues its work and is looking for new creative, practical techniques and materials available to work with people with special needs. In June the clients acquired a new art technique- weaving from newspapers. In the Day Care Centre there were made baskets, decorative boxes and containers. The result once again confirmed that persons with disabilities are able to produce high-quality, aesthetically attractive works, which are practically applicable in daily life. The Day Care Centre clients with the help of the teacher and caregivers were preparing for Ligo and the Midsummer. The clients prepared hand-made surprises for their loved ones- decorative Midsummer vases. After the feast there were discussions about the time spent together and the creative activities; every one of the young people admitted that their relatives were truly surprised and pleased about the nice self-made souvenirs.

This month the Day Care Centre staff drew particular attention to outdoor activities so that the clients would enjoy the sun, nature and fresh air as much as possible. Although the month of June was not particularly rich in sun and heat, we managed to catch the right moments and organize hiking outside the urban area, the orientation in the urban environment, and despite the rain we participated inTurkiparish sportsfestivalactivities.

The opportunity to participate in the fund activities within the framework of the project “Social assistance” helped the association members to await Midsummer. Particularly interesting was the home economics lesson led by teacher Maija Kulakova. During the lesson the participants bakedpies,cooked three differentcoldsoups and, of course, madecheese. The festive atmosphere was accompanied by singing along with the ensemble of young people.

Summer feeling, joy, inner flowering and the work of the association “Balta maja” continues. Thematic, educational, creative and summery events and a variety of activities are planned in July. The association “Balta maja” wishes everyone a pleasant rest in nature, soul refreshing vitality and creative inspiration for new goals and expectations!Ligo! Ligo!




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