Association „Balta maja”
30 September 2015

September in the Association “Balta maja”- the Beginning of the New Season!

    The project’s “Support for Association’s “Balta maja” Work in Strengthening Participatory Democracy in Latgale Region” (project’s contract No.: 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/152) implementation continues. The project was undertaken in 2013 and will continue till the end of the year 2015.The project’s implementation provides regular support to the association and strengthens the knowledge of its staff. The project is supported by the European Economic area financial mechanism 2009- 2014 period program’s “NGO fond” sub-programme “Programme of Support for the Activities of Non-governmental Organisations”.

   September for many interest clubs and groups of the association “Balta maja” is the reunion time after the wonderful summer! On the 25th of September the club “Atrodi prieku sevi” met together to learn and listen to non-traditional medical specialist Viktorija Mihailova and her lecture about a healthy diet, organisation of thoughts, body alignment and the ways to get rid of contamination and bad habits. Viktorija admits that every day is very important a person’s life; therefore, it is necessary to think and act consciously, educate one’s mind and lift one’s spirits to accomplish amazing things in one’s life as well as in the lives of our peers.

   Also, the ladies of the club “Rudens rozes” are not tired and scared of the frost at all. On the contrary, the ladies have begun the autumn with new prospects as well as distant and longed goals for the near future.In turn, the mental and physical health club keepers “Gundegas” have started the new season with some changes – the creative and knowledgeable Staņislava Balode has replaced the long-time director Elvīra Krestova. During the first meeting in the autumn, which is usually held on the third Wednesday of each month, i.e. on the 16th of September the ladies shared their most interesting experiences of the last summer. During the discussion the ladies also worked in the kitchen and baked a delicious apple cake! Particularly active are the gymnasts, the ladies of the younger generationandseniors, who have started the autumn with a regular gym attendance in the association “Balta maja”.

    During the summer and September many people from the association “Balta maja” who do handicraft have devoted their time to knitting baby booties, which will be given to Livani district Registry Office. This will be already the seventh time when the outstanding, bright-eyed and warm hearted knitters will share their love with babies from Livani, who have recently joined the city’s population. As told by one of the seniors, the knitting of baby booties is a beautiful work of patience and a symbolic investment in the future that cannot be done without love. “Let the babies be born! We will teach and knit as long as we will be able to see, and as long our hands will allow us to do so,” adds the lady. This campaign is financially supported by Ltd “Livani Peat Factory”; thanks them for this decision!

   We are very grateful to those knitters who sacrificed their self knitted men’s gloves with Latvian ornaments to Latvian soldiers participating in the NATO operation. All in all, the women from Livani knitted 14 pairs of gloves. The campaign was held in collaboration with the fund The association “Balta maja” is grateful to fund that generously gave food supplements. They will be given to seniors in the International Day of Older Persons on the 1st of October.

   The association “Balta maja” hopes that in this cool autumn everyone will be warmed by good thoughts, and every person will have faith and courage to realize their white dreams and do big works!


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