Association „Balta maja”

27th February 2015


Events about a Healthy Lifestyle, Positive Thinking, Love, and More and More Took Place in February

The project’s “Support for Association’s “Balta maja” Work in Strengthening Participatory Democracy in Latgale Region” (project’s contract No.: 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/152) implementation continues. The project was undertaken in July 2013 and will continue until 31 December 2015.


The project’s implementation provides regular support to the association and strengthens the knowledge of its staff.  The project is supported by the European Economic area financial mechanism 2009- 2014 period program’s “NGO fond” sub-programme “Programme of Support for the Activities of Non-governmental Organisations”.

            We are pleased that February can really be called as our activity month. As usual, there was a variety of interest groups and clubs which were accompanied by several thematic events.

            On 5th February a meeting was held with the physiotherapist Jānis Sondors who shared his knowledge on how to stay healthy for a longer period of time thanks to movements. Proper and regular exercise is one of the rules, following which a person can stay in motion. Moreover, all organs, including the heart work “as in the youth”. During the presentation participants asked various questions. There were also short breaks when people could exercise under the guidance of the specialist.

            On 12th February there was organized the club „Atrodi prieku sevī”. Many peers of Viktorija Mihailova, the head of the club, waited a meeting with her. According to the club’s head Viktorija Mihailova, the basis of meetings and negotiations is health maintenance, the understanding of human inner world, encouragement of cognition, practice of the acquired, knowledge enrichment and the quest for self-perfection. It really works because the head of the club, who has been observing the club’s visitors for many years, concludes that there is a noticeable growth in participants. Accordingly, they have become as if other people, happier ones.

Our senior club members mutually enrich themselves and exchange useful information. In February the members of the interest group “Gundegas” jointly celebrated several jubilees. They concluded that regular meetings have had beneficial impact on their health and daily mood.

In turn the member of the group „Rudens rozes” Elza Lapiņa had prepared an interesting story about Atis Kronvalds. A new tradition was started by Jolanta Kozlova who told about life in Australia on the basis of her impressions while visiting her daughter’s family.


            Thanks to our active volunteers on the eve of St. Valentine’s Day on 13th February there was an event where people could indulge in poetry, dance and music. Gaļina Pētersone and Ilze Vaivode read their newest poems while the representatives of the association „Uzori” were playing music. Ļubova Meļņičenko showed an interesting presentation where there were photographs of Livani streets and buildings taken over several years. Everyone was pleased and motivated to do spring activities by the solo performance of Lidija Gļauda. All evening a variety of games alternated with songs; the participants remembered their own romantic stories.  Members of „Balta maja” hope that the month of March will also be bustling. Aija Tūna, who is the association’s „Education Development Centre” educational project manager, will encourage us to think critically in the informative event on 17th March. Whilst on 31st March the priest Juris Zarāns will share with his reflections of Easter. There will also be other events, so follow our posters! See you there!


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