Basic information about Balta Maja activities

Through 12 years the activity of the association is directed towards improving the standard of living of the population and the integration of an individual in the society.

A special attention is being paid to:

1)Stimulating the participation of the population in solving of social problems,
2)Training grown-ups and children,
3)Organisation of spare time activities.

The association supports mutual assistance activities for different people to paid attention to persons with special needs and elderly people.

Tasks of the association are:

1)To collect and summarise materials and statistic data about the integration of an individual into the society,
2)To draw up and carry out projects for social rehabilitation of the population,
3)To establish contacts and to cooperate with organisations with similar aims and tasks in Latvia and abroad,
4)To advertise the activities of the association and to engage people in voluntary work,
5)To work in contact with local authorities.

The association uses the following kinds of activities:

1) Inquiring about the urgent needs of the population,
2) Working out training programmes for social assistance and culture,
3) Supporting and stimulating active participation of population in the work of the association,
4) Organising courses, lectures, meeting with experts.

Users of services provided by the association are more than 4000 people during a year. The aim of all activities is to develop people recourses through their own involvement in processes of the development of the society.