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Information measure and presentation of the new Association booklet “Balta Maja”

In June will continue the association “Balta Maja” introduced project “Support for the Activity of the association „Balta Maja” to Strengthen the Participatory Democracy in Latgale Region” (project contract number: 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/152) activities. The project provides a regular and significant support of Association main activity and a variety of additional activities. The project supported by EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 period Programme „NGO fund” in subprogram “NGO Activity Support Measure”.

In monday, 16th June, in association “Balta Maja” was held information meeting for Livani NGOs. Meeting was led by lecturer/expert Andris Gobins – Latvian President of the European Movement, the European Economic and Social Committee member. Meeting program was very exhaustive because Andris Gobins is working in Brussels, and is very well informed about the representation of the public interest in the EU corridors. In the proposed presentation he was presented the detail of the EU members committees work; as it is in theory and in practice. In meeting was make assessment about previous Latvian and EU parliamentarians’ success in defending the interests of Latvian society. Also were expressed projections about new elected Latvian parliamentarian’s success in defending the interests of Latvian society.

Special attention was paid to the new non-governmental organizations possibilities in involvement and participation of NGOs in the European Union. There was given information about the most active Latvian NGOs in the EU NGO platform. Andris Gobins commented the question of how non-governmental organizations and development could be affected by the new European Parliament and a new European Commission, new LR Saeima, “new” government of the LR and the Latvian Presidency of the EU. Expert Andris Gobins also provided information about current events in European Movement in Latvian.

In the second part of this information meeting was presented Association new booklet/catalog. This Livanu NGOs catalog was prepared with the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism support. The booklet/catalog contains information about the project “Support for the Activity of the association „Balta Maja” to Strengthen the Participatory Democracy in Latgale Region” and about Association activities and cooperation with other NGOs. Also in catalog there are 34 most active Livanu NGOs contact tinformation.

In the closing part of the meeting there was coffee break, performance “Podziņas Odziņas ceļojums” and thanks for all the Association activists, friends and partners.

Society activities will continue in July. Employees will participate in the trainings to strengthen the teamwork and take part in activities on the occasion of Livanu city festival. Wishing you enjoying the summer! Līgo!




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The program is funded by the EEZ Grants and Latvian State Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

This publication has been prepared by the EEA Financial Mechanism and Latvian State financial support. For the content of this publication responsible Association „Balta Maja”.