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In Novemberdiversity of activities.

In the month of November continues association „Balta Maja” implement project Support for the Activity of the association „Balta Maja” to Strengthen the Participatory Democracy in Latgale Region (project contract number: 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/152) activities. The project provides a regular and significant support of Associationmain activityand a variety ofadditionalactivities. The project supported by EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 period Programme „NGO fund” in subprogram “NGO Activity Support Measure”.


In this month continue interest group meetings. Very interesting were traveler friends meeting on 10 November, in which folklore group “Ceirulīši” (Skylarks) driver Anna Karkle and ather participants are talking about traveling in India. It was nice to hear that localfolklore group performance was highly appreciated. The participants enjoyedteadrinking which was brought from the Taj Mahal mosque and tasted thesweetsfrom “God valleys”.


The work continued our hard-working and lively handicraft group. Handicraft group was preparing for the Christmas charity campaign and make wool elves and Christmas tree toys. Handicraft group meeting in this month was so frequent that they are managed makejewelryout ofbeads and paper decorations for Christmas.


In 6 and 7 November Association representatives went on a two-day promoting cooperation measure in the Latgale rural region NGOs. As the first about their experience and accomplished shared Tatiana Kozarčuka which presented Krāslava association “Latgales kulinārais mantojums” (Latgale culinary heritage). Then followed hearty meeting in “Skaistas atbalsta centrā” (Beautiful support center) in which we sharing over experiences and actively acted with center lead Iveta Leikuma. Next, our route led to the brotherhood of people with disabilities “NEMA” and association “Dagne” imaginative young people. The first day of the end of the trip, we discussed how attractive, enterprising and optimistic are Latgale rural people.


In the next day we have an information day in Aglonas side. In this side we meet handicrafts group “Neaizmirstules” which talking and exhibited their creativity works and association “Dorbe i zineiba” members which talking about traditions save. Valuable was meeting in the public center “Aizkalne” in which we with pleasure are listening about how much they are make to his fellow wing. All the organizations said that the exchanges and cooperation is a valuable basis and stimulus that helps to work in better quality.


Month was ended with an informative event on 24 November, in which very exhaustive about Latvian civil society and society development in historical perspective are talking Mg.Hist. Dmitry Oļehnovičs – Daugavpils University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of History, lecturer. The event concluded with a lively discussion, the participants were asked questions about the political situation in Latgale and inquired – it is possible to Latgale Crimean scenario.


In December Association introduced measures will continue – international Day of Disabled People celebrates on 3 December, informational meetings with Vala Vaivode will be held in December 11. Traditionally, our partners and friends will receive an informative New Year year 2015 calendar.


Project Support for the Activity of the association „Balta Maja” to Strengthen the Participatory Democracy in Latgale Region (project contract number: 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/152) implemention motivate over volunteers and staff play an active role for local residents. Bright and white Christmas waiting time!


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