Association „Balta maja”
30 December 2015

 In December the association Balta maja” organizes training for minority NGO leaders

    The implementation of the project “Association’s “Balta maja” Experience and Knowledge for the Integration of Minorities into the Latvian Society” (Project’s contract identification number:2013.EEZ/PP/2/MAC/035/050) continues. The project is supported by the European Economic area financial mechanism 2009- 2014 period program’s “NGO fond” sub-program “NGO project program”. The project’s final event will be held in February.

    December for the association “Balta maja” and the participating associations has been active, creative and varied. There were organized different bright events in the associations, cooperative association visits. The associations participated in charity campaigns, Christmas events and training to deepen the knowledge of association leaders and to acquire additional skills during the project development time.

   On 16th December there was training in the association “Balta maja” for NGO minority leaders which was led by Inguna Badune. The topic of the training this time was very significant and intensive: “Development of projects”. The participants were the project leaders as well as the activists from the association “Uzori” (Livani), Belarusian cultural and educational association “Uzdim” (Daugavpils), Rezekne city association theatre-studio “Joriks” (Rezekne) and the Ukrainian cultural education association Javir” (Jekabpils). The participants say that they have gained a structured and thorough understanding of the topic. During the training they paid attention to practical examples, shared experience and acquired new theoretical and valuable practical knowledge. A special focus was put on various essential project development sections such as the project management principles, project development ideas, planning of goals, tasks and activities, communication, successful implementation, transfer of information, the project team coordination, etc. The formation of project organization is a long-term and constant work, which requires planned investment and determination. The training leader also organised several practical tasks in groups so that the participants would be able to apply theoretical knowledge and apply it to each individual association. Both teams managed to assure understanding of the theme, the Latvian language skills and the art of presentation and argumentation.

   Within next two months the project will reach its final stage. Everything that was obtained and experienced during the project helped to expand the horizons of experience, develop and implement bold ideas. There are lots of new ideas that can be jointly realized in future.

The association “Balta maja” calls for a joint continuation of work and reminds its members not to stop at what has been achieved!


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The program is funded by the EEZ Grants and Latvian State

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

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