Association “Balta maja”
29 June

June – the Month When Tests of Training Are Carried out

The implementation of the Association’s “Baltamaja” project “Experience and Knowledge for the Integration of Minorities into the Latvian Society” (Project’s contract identification number:2013.EEZ/PP/2/MAC/035/050) continues. The project is supported by the European Economic area financial mechanism 2009- 2014 period program’s “NGO fond” sub-programme “NGO project program”. For the participants of the project June was the final month of training, and the tests carried out in the Latvian language and integration course were the best demonstration of results.

The first knowledge test was about the acquired in the Latvian language training courses. The tests contained sections, and the main focus was put on writing, speaking or listening. The ability to ask questions and provide answers was also tested. All teachers of the Latvian language training courses acknowledged that the project tests were comparatively difficult. In turn, the achievements of students showed that there were no grounds for concern. All participants who passed the tests in the Latvian language did it good or even excellent.

The following test was the of the integration course. In this test the students had to remember all the acquired during the training course – there were questions on Latvian history and Latvian folk traditions, including geography, social life as well as issues related to Latvian public administration. The integration course test results also showed that the training managers have worked well, and the students have been quite interested in gaining a lot of useful information for their lives.

The project working group is grateful to the teachers for the excellent performance. Already during the training it could be seen that the use of different visual aids, including video and film materials, the group work and regular check-up tests helped to strengthen the knowledge.

Although one stage of the work has finished, the project still continues. Very soon the project participants, who recently were hardworking students, will become creative actors. One-act plays will be staged and shown in the project event in Rezekne. In turn, the leaders of the participating organizations are already collecting information about their organizations for the informational postcards. The representatives of the participating organizations will also participate in a valuable experience exchange trip to Liepaja at the beginning of July. This two-day activity will allow to get acquainted with the accomplishments of minorities in Kurzeme, tell about their organizations and probably find good friends and partners.

Let the way of our project continues!



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The program is funded by the EEZ Grants and Latvian State

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway


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