Association „Balta maja”
31 July 2015

 July in the Association “Balta maja”- the Month of Staff Training and City’s Festival

The project’s “Support for Association’s “Balta maja” Work in Strengthening Participatory Democracy in Latgale Region” (project’s contract No.: 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/152) implementation continues. The project was undertaken in 2013 and will continue till the end of the year 2015.The project’s implementation provides regular support to the association and strengthens the knowledge of its staff. The project is supported by the European Economic area financial mechanism 2009- 2014 period program’s “NGO fond” sub-programme “Programme of Support for the Activities of Non-governmental Organisations”.

July has passed successfully for the staff and volunteers of the association “Balta maja”. They have gained a wonderful experience during three days of training, which emphasized the idea of team-building, management, the creation of new ideas and cooperation. July was also made special with a joint preparation for Livani city festival and the active participation in a wide variety of activities afterwards. Thus, the participants could enjoy the festive atmosphereand share thejoy. The staff and association activists are pleased with the achievements and experiences gained in July as teamwork and meaningful thoughts, conversations, work and studies, shared festive moments fill and illuminate and give inspiration for every day.

During the period from 14th-16th July the association “Balta maja” staff, members, board members and volunteersparticipated in the training, which took placeat theguesthouse near Bicanu lake. That was an inspiring environment for everyone to gain valuable and useful knowledge for everyday work, obtain practical experience and get ideas on the development. The training was led by the NGO training expert Rinalds Rudzītis whose working methods combine both topical and useful information for improving the work of the association as well as joined practical activities. During these three days he was the beacon that shared the experience of his implemented projects, non-standard creative thinking, motivation of employees and discussed numerous other interesting topics. The training process was ongoing both in the form of presentations, which Rinalds had prepared specifically for the training, and in the form of practical activities and discussions. The participants were prompted to perform a series of tasks; in each task a different leader was selected. Each of the tasks was designed to enhance the employees’ leadership skills, develop team building skills and to encourage them to think strategically and not to stop at mistakes. Part of the tasks seemed quite complicated for the participants, but they always ended with a great victory. On the final day of the event everyone from the staff admitted that during the training this year they have gained enriching experience, insights and ideas on how to improve the working environment, microclimate, internal motivation and ability evaluation.

Similarly, the youngsters of the Day care centre, director Līga Vērdiņa and the numerous seniors of the association were also very active and worked continuously in July. During Livani city festival every one of them gave their flowering contribution to the traditional festive ‘dessert’of the city- Flower wave. As a result, two flowering and wonderfully artistic compositions were created next to Latgale Art and Craft Centre at a magnificent place near the river Daugava. Along with dozens of other gorgeous flower ornaments the compositions of the association “Balta maja” and the Day care centre created yet another flower firework and delighted many city residents and visitors. Thanks to everyone who generously gave flowers and love to their dear city in the festival, thanks to every activist of the association “Balta maja”, who with their work and true passion enriched the association’s teamwork during the summertime!

 Let the ongoing work and road fruitfully continues, and festive moments give new pulses of light for even greater goals and expectations!






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