Association „Balta maja”
30 October 2015

 In October FlourishesThe IntegrationStage” in Rezekne

 The implementation of the Association’s “Balta maja” project “Experience and Knowledge for the Integration of Minorities into the Latvian Society” (Project’s contract identification number:2013.EEZ/PP/2/MAC/035/050) continues. The project is supported by the European Economic area financial mechanism 2009 – 2014 period program’s “NGO fond” sub-programme “NGO project program”. On 5th October Daugavpils association “Uzdim” hosted the training for minorityNGOleaders that was led by the director of the association “Balta maja” Inguna Baldune, who is also responsible for the project “The Association’s “Balta maja” experience and knowledge ofthe minorityintegration into Latvian society”. The project coordinatorsandleadersfromfourprojectcocities, namely,Daugavpils,Livani, Rezekne, Jekabpils during the training paid attention to a broadtheoretical frameworkfor attracting financialresources. The NGO leaders also discussed different questions and practical ideas for working with sponsors and financiers.The training theme was topical and useful because the practical examples provided a valuable initiative for the associations’ activists.

   The biggesteventin each of thesocieties-Slavic society “Uzori” (Livani), Belarusian cultural and educational society “Uzdim” (Daugavpils), association Rezekne city theatre studio “Joriks” (Rezekne) and UkrainianCultural educationassociationJavir” gathered in the wonderful integration, debate and theaterfestivalThe integrationstagethattook placein Rezekneon 24th and 25thOctober in the Culture HouseofRezekne NationalSocieties.Rehearsals that had successfully lasted several months culminated in beautiful and high-quality performances in the Latvian language.

   The eventopenedby the representatives of Rezeknemunicipality. Next, there was held an interactivediscussionwhich was led bythe integrationexpert Ausma Pastore. In the afternoon UkrainianCultural educationassociationJavir” demonstrated its one-act play While waiting for the bus” (staged after motifs of the book by Jāzeps Osmanis “Krikumkrakumi”). Later the association Rezekne city theatre studio “Joriks” showed its presentation and one-act play “The magic words” (the author is Janīna Platpire after the motifs of Russian folk fairy tale). The interactivediscussion aboutintegration by A. Pastore continued also on the second day. Further, the members of Belarusian cultural and educational society “Uzdim” musicallyheraldedabout their association andenchantedthe audiencewithone-act play “How the Birds and Animals Dug a Bed for the Daugava” (according toLatvianfolktalesmotifs).

   At12:00 there was an integrationandfriendshipflash mobat the monument“United for Latvia” in the heart of Rezekne, which was jointly organized by all associations. They were 10 minutes of intense friendly gesturing, smiling, communication and sharing of joy that were accompanied by a common song “You and I, we are the world”. Afterwards the passers-by and spectators were given balloons and friendship stickers as well as a smile and a shared joy. Slavic society “Uzori” (Livani) concluded the event with one-act play “The old man’s mitten (according toLatvianfolkfairy-tale). Each ofthe plays was musically saturated and unique. This really was a feast during which the viewers andsupporters appreciated the invested time and work of the new actors. “Balta maja” is pleased with thesuccessfulevent and the happy and knowledgeableactivists of the associations!

   The project still continues, and in the very nearfuturethe associationleadersandorganizers are going to go on the experienceexchange to Lithuania! The association “Balta maja” wishes the participants a successful trip and a lotof valuable experience andimpressions for the further projects and cooperation!


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The program is funded by the EEZ Grants and Latvian State

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

 This publication has been prepared by the EEA Financial Mechanism and Latvian State financial support.

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