Association „Balta maja”
29 January 2016

In January there is conducted intensive training for minority associations

    The beginning of year traditionally indicates how successfully and intensely things will go throughout the year. Year 2016 has started actively for the activists of the associations with training, acquisition of new knowledge about the association’s document planning as well as the preparation for the project’s final event in February.

   On Wednesday, 20th January in the association “Balta maja” there was training “Planning and development of the association’s documents” which was led by M.Env.Sc. Marika Rudzīte- Griķe. The project coordinators, leaders and the representatives of the associations of Slavic society “Uzori” (Livani),

   Belarusian cultural and educational society “Uzdim” (Daugavpils), Ukrainian cultural education association “Javir” and the association Rēzekne city theatre- studio „Joriks” participated in the training. The intensive training took place in two stages: the first part is devoted to the nature of the planning process, the planning levels and types of documents to explore and research. In addition, the need for planning documents was analyzed. While in the second part Marika Rudzīte – Griķe talked about the practical application of knowledge, namely, the association’s development strategy as the main planning document, the document’s content and structure were practically discussed. Moreover, specially selected individual solutions and practical advice were given during the training. During the training process new areas that directly affect the association work specifics were explored. For example, the SWOT analysis (analysis of the association‘s strengths and weaknesses) was carried out; the structure of planning documents was studied; the current situation in the associations was reviewed; the strategic part (vision, mission, priorities, actions and tasks), the action and investment plans were considered. Finally, the process of monitoring implementation, the duration of installation and high-quality development, identification and implementation in the association’s daily work were addressed. The topic of the particular training gave a lot of valuable things to the participants that both now and after the completion of the project at the end of February will be useful for the associations. The gained knowledge will serve as a basis for successful growth and prepare the associations for facing new challenges in their work.

   The association “Balta maja” wishes every participant of the project to continue going along the way of ambition, knowledge and courage, to cooperate, to lead themselves and the team to new objectives by acquiring the necessary knowledge through the practical use of the state language!

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